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“Copy-Paste Helper”

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A) About - top

While you're filling pages content copying it from another site or a Word document, there might be a lot of garbage HTML data, making your content looks worse or even soiled by harmful elements.

This plugin will help you to clear the page content from any unwanted elements, strings, tags, or attributes.

Moreover, if you're copying the content from another site, you also need to download, upload to yours, and replace all of the images from the source site. That procedure can take a bunch of time if there are a few images.

Using the plugin you can make it with a single click! All external images of the page content will be uploaded and replaced automatically.

Save tons of time while working with your site content!


B) Settings - top

"Clear content on the fly" - means content would cleared right after the "paste" action using defined options.

"Replace images on the fly" - means images and image links would be found, uploaded to the database and replaces in the pasted content right after the "paste" action. The images, which already are in the database will be skipped.

"Disallowed elements" setting allows to define specific elements to be removed from the page content. Works with usual CSS selectors to find and remove an element. Place each selector on the new line.

"Disallowed tags" - contains the tag names separated by a space, which should be removed from the content.

"Allowed attributes" - contains the tag attributes names separated by a space, which can be left in the content.

"Disallowed string" - place here any strings you need to remove from the content. Place each string on the new line.


C) Using - top

Open a page or post in the admin part.

Use content visual editor to find the "Clear content" and "Replace images" controls.

You can clear the content as much times as you need.

In case some images can't be replaced or already uploaded to your site a notice will list all of them.

If "on-the-fly" setting is enabled the content will be handled while you pasting content from the clipboard.

Don't forget to save the changes made for the page.

Visual editor controls


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